Dates Milk Shake

Today I am going to show you "How to make the easiest milk shake.".But the same thing it has more nutritional value.It is a cooler than make with date fruit,banana and milk as the base.. I hope u will love it.. This can be easy to make at your home,all we need date fruit and a big ripe banana.Let us know how to make it..

Ingredients for making Milkshake:

  1. Date Fruit-few
  2. Milk-1 1/2 cup Frozen
  3. Banana-1 large
  4. Sugar-4 tsps
  5. Cashew nuts- 5,6 nos
  6. Boost -2 tbsp
Method for making Shake
  1. Into a blender add dates,milk,sliced ripe banana,and sugar Blend it well until u get a thick milk shake.
  2. Then add boost into it and pulse it
  3. Our Milk shake is ready .
  4. Serve it in a tall glass and garnish it with cashews and date fruit..