Carrot Milkshake

A simple milkshake can make your day happy.I always love milkshakes.It is very easy to prepare and it also tastes awesome..Today I am sharing my one of the favourite milk shake.You can add your favourite flavour icecream with this milkshakes..Try this recipe with carrots .This recipe for those who are not like to eat raw carrots, then try this recipe.If you do not have icecream you can also add icecream or no need to add any thing.It still taste awesome.

I always make this healthy shake for my family.My baby and my hubby loves it.Carrot is very nutritious vegetable..It is good for our eyes and improving hemoglobin.Try this simple recipe..
Stay healthy be happy..

Serves :2 persons
Time taken-10 minutes.

Ingredients for making this milkshake:

  1. Carrot-Medium sized 2 numbers.
  2. Milk-1.5 cups.
  3. Sugar-2 tablespoon(Adjust according to your taste).

Method of prepration:

  1. Wash carrots and cut into pieces.
  2. Cook the carrot in a pressure cooker along with milk.
  3. After it is cooked.Allow it to cool down.
  4. Then blend the carrot with milk in a blender.Add sugar and blend again.
  5. You can add vanilla ice cream or banana to thicken the milk shake.
  6. Ready..Serve it into a tall glass.

Cook the carrot in a pressure cooker.

Blend the cooked carrot along with milk when it is cooled.

Ready ready..Serve when it is chilled..

Serving Suggestions:

  • Serve it when it is cooled.
  • Serve to kids by reducing sugar level.