Onion Tomato Salad

This is a 5 minute recipe with tomato,onion and some carrot.This salad is an awesome combination with biriyani.This is one my favourite salads.This recipe is dedicated for vinegar lovers.. :) Yes I make this salad with vinegar .(Not with curd).

Ingredients for this Simple salad:

Onion-Finely chopped(2 medium sized onion)
Tomato-Finely chopped(1 medium sized tomato)
Carrot-finely chopped(or can be grated)
Green chillies-2 nos,finely chopped
Curry leaves-few ,chopped
Salt as needed.
Vinegar-3 tablespoon

Method for making this simple salad:

First we have to chop all the vegetables we need.you can add carrot if you are using.You can also add cucumber into this salad.
Mix all the vegies with required salt.Keep this for 5 minutes.
Then add vinegar into it and mix well.Ready...
Serve with biriyani,ghee rice as a side dish.. enjoy..