Sardine fish curry / Naadan Mathi mulaku curry

Sardine fish curry/Naadan chaala mulaku curry/Mathi curry.

Hi all..Today I am going to share a kerala special red curry,Mathi mulakkittathu.This is an awesome combination with kappa/tapioca.I have not posted a sardine fish curry yet this is the first time I make this curry for you.This is one of the famous recipe in kerala cuisine.Sardines have a good nutritious value,It is full of omega -3fatty acids and a good source of vitamin D.take a look how to make it simple..

Sardine fish curry/Naadan chaala mulaku curry/Mathi curry.
Ingredients required :
  1. Mathi/Sardines-Cleaned ,cut into medium sized pieces(6 numbers).
  2. Ginger and garlic-Chopped finely,1 tablespoon.
  3. Onion/Shallots-finely chopped-1 tablespoon.
  4. Green chillies-3 to 4,cut into 3 pieces.
  5. Tomato-chopped,1 medium sized.
  6. Curry leaves-few.
  7. Gambooge/Kudampuli-2 pieces,cut into small pieces.
  8. Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon.
  9. Red chilli powder-1 -2 tablespoon.(You can adjust it or use kashmiri red chilli powder)
  10. Fenugreek powder-1/4 teaspoon.

Method of making fish curry:
  1. Soak kudampuli/gambooge in little water.
  2. Heat oil in your pan (Preferring manchatti/earthen pot).Add in ginger and garlic saute for 1 minute.
  3. Add in chopped shallots.Saute for 3 minutes.Add in tomato..
  4. Add all spice powders into it.Lower the flame to lower.
  5. Add in little water and boil it...Slowly add sardine pieces into it.Add in fresh curry leaves and green chillies to it.
  6. Adjust salt.Add the kudampuli/gambooge to it.Partially cover the pan and cook it in medium low flame.
  7. Remove from flame when it done.

Serving suggestions:
  • Serve it with kappa kuzhachath/tapioca.
  • Serve it with boiled/cooked rice.