Cooking tips Basic

Measurements of ingredients:
You should measure ingredients if you are an experienced cook.If the recipe says, required water,a pinch of salt,salt to taste etc.But for beginners ,the best choice is to measure all the ingredients.So beginners should keep measurement spoon,measuring cups etc, it will help you.Always note some words in recipes that is used for measurement like heaping or level .example 1 level tablespoon.

Baking tips:
There are different types of ovens are available in market .Microwave,convection,gas oven, etc..
Temperature may varies from oven to oven.If the dialer shows 400 degree but it may not the actual temperature in the oven.So you must use a timer for baking and check them by intervals.This will helps you to find actual time needed for your dish.Always preheat your oven in the required temperature as in your recipe.Never start baking in cold oven.
Most of the beginners have the same problem they cannot prepare their food on the correct time.The main problem is that they were not thinking the required ingredients are near to the stove.Before putting anything to the stove,take time to think about the time required for each item for the dining.If you want to cook 2 curries and rice,divide your time to each dishes or cook at a time in different stove.Initially you should chop all your vegetables and any others ,take spice powders needed for the dish that should be kept near stove.This will helps you to cook fast.
Selecting utensils:
Always select different pots or pans for different cooking.I mean not use the pan used for fish frying next for chappathi for the next time.If you wash them thoroughly but it remains turmeric yellow colur in it.It will absorbed by chappathi and get a yellow colour to it.
Common tips:

  • Use a cloth or kitchen towel below your mixing bowl when you mixing something.It wills helps to don't sliding the mixing bowl.
  • To make fluffy mashed potatoes easier,add a pinch of baking powder to the potatoes before mashing or whipping.
  • Take all your ingredients near to your stove before you cook.Measure all your ingredients and done all chopping and cutting.
  • If you are going to bake anything,preheat your oven,dont cook in cold oven..!!