Cooking Tips for beginners

1.Cooking tips for beginners-How to start cooking.

Cooking cooking cooking..!! Oh no.. !! Don't worry about how to cook.So you want to study how to cook? How to manage kitchen.Where do I get recipes.Here we go..
Cooking is a wonderful skill.Once you obtained that skill in you it will reward you the rest of your life.The most happy feeling in cooking is that,you cook for your family sincerely and they gave a beautiful smile as a result for your food that you cook.
I am sure my cooking tips for beginners will help you to cook easy.I was not an expert in cooking.But I loved cooking when I am here in Abu dhabi with my hubby.He helped me a lot for my cooking.He is my only criticizer.

No matter if you are alone at home or you are a college student you can manage your kitchen and cooking time very well.My purpose here is to provide the good recipes and cooking tips.

What are recipes? 
It is important to make sure do you have a recipe.Recipes are cooking instructions that should be used as a tutorial for making a particular dish.Most recipes could be changed to your own imagination or your own taste.It is upon individual taste.Some of us like more spices,some of us dont like more sweet etc.You can adjust spice levels by reducing red chilli powder or pepper powder.
But some of the recipes should be followed for the perfection of food.Example,Recipes of pickles or preserving foods.The proportions of vinegar ,water and salt must be followed.

Ingredients are provided by recipes but you have to be put it together,that is a skill.Example,If water is an ingredient in that recipe.You must adjust the amount to be added.If you add more water the curry will goes like a soup,if it is less it is too thick.
I wiil be add more tips ..My upcoming posts.
Safety tips-Safety in Kitchen.
Seasoning tips.
Baking tips.

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