Fish Pickle (Neymeen achar)

Hello I am back... With another delicious recipes.. I was very busy with my kid.. So I did not get time .. and also I am little bit lazy..Any way I am sure this recipe is a solution.Because it was a wonderful experiment of making fish pickle.It was the first time I am making fish pickle.It was awesome..A mouthwatering side dish.. I love its taste..Let me share my recipe.
Fish pickle can be made with seer fish,sardine,prawns etc..First clean and cut fishes into small pieces.Marinate them with little red chili powder,pepper powder,turmeric powderand salt.Deep fry it..It must be completely fried.Do not exist any moisture in the fish.

Ingredients needed for this awesome pickle:


  1. Fish-500 gms,(with out bone)cleaned and cut into small pieces.
  2. Red chilli powder-1 teaspoon.
  3. Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon.
  4. Black pepper powder-1/4 teaspoon.
  5. Salt-As required.
  6. Oil-For frying.

For Pickle:

  1. Ginger-1 " piece-thinely chopped.
  2. Garlic pods- 2 bulb (I used china garlic)
  3. Green chillies-finely chopped-4 numbers.
  4. Red chilli powder-3 tablespoon.
  5. Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon.
  6. Asafoetida-1/4 teaspoon.
  7. Vinegar-1/4 cup to half cup.
  8. Salt-as required.

For seasoning:

  1. Oil-1/4 cup.
  2. Mustard seeds-1/4 teaspoon.
  3. Fenugreek seeds-1/2 teaspoon.

Method of preparation:

  1. Initially cut and clean fish.Remove its bone and cut them into small pieces.Marinate it with all the ingredients under "marination"
  2. Keep this aside for 30 mins.
  3. Heat a pan with needed oil for deep frying fish.Then completely fry the fish.Remove all moisture from the fish by frying them thoroughly.
  4. Heat another pan and add required oil.Add mustard seeds.fenugreek seeds, alow them to crack.
  5. Add in curry leaves,green chillies,garlic and ginger.Saute them for few minutes.Allow them to cook.Make sure the flame is in low.
  6. Add in all spice powders into it.Saute them.Add in vinegar to it.Allow to boil.
  7. At last add the fried fish into and mix well.
Allow it to cool down.Store it in a clean dry jar in refrigerator for 2 weeks.Serve it with cooked rice,hot kanji,chappathis... Enjoy yummy pickle...
Pictorial:Clicks at the time of cooking..

Marinated fish with turmeric,chilli powder and salt.

Fried fish in oil.

Chopped ginger ,garlic,green chillies and curry leaves for the pickle.

Heal oil and add all the ingredients.

Add in spice powders.

Add in vinegar and boil them.Add fish into it.

Ready!!! yummy pickle..

Serve it after 2 hours..Store it in a clean dry container and use before 2 weeks.Enjoy..