Caramel dates pudding

Hello there.. today I am sharing a simple pudding recipe with dates.. I am sure you will love this recipe..This is a sweet pudding with dates and some simple ingredients.
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Let us get started..

Ingredients used in this recipe are:

  1. Dates -1 Cup, deseeded.
  2. Milk-2 and 1/2 half cup.
  3. Hot water-1/2 cup.
  4. Gelatin-2 pack,20 gms.
  5. Condensed milk-1/4 Cup.

For caramel :

  1. Sugar-1/2 Cup.
  2. Water-1 Tablespoon.

Method of preparation:

In a  bowl add dates and half cup of milk. Mix it well and soak this for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes grind it to a smooth paste.

In a glass add a half cup of hot water and powdered gelatine.
Stir briskly with a fork until dissolved.Keep it aside.

Now heat a saucepan with milk and condensed milk.Mix it nicely and allow to boil.
Once it starts boiling add ground dates to this.
Mix it well.Boil for 1 more minute on a low flame.

Strain this mixture through a strainer.
Add the gelatin mixture to this.Mix it well and allow to cool slightly.

Now we have to make the caramel. Take a nonstick pan and.Add sugar and water.Mix it well.
Then turn on the heat and take off the spoon.
Don't stir, just swirl the pan.When it reaches a golden colour turn off the heat.
Caramel is ready.

Pour the caramel into pudding moulds. Then pour the pudding mixture over the caramel.
Cover it with plastic wrap.Refrigerate for 4 to 5 hours or until set.

Unmold the pudding by pressing them at the edges.
Then place it on to a plate upside down.

yummy pudding is now ready.. enjoy chilled.


In a  bowl add dates.

add milk..

soak for 15 minutes

grind it..keep it aside

add gelatine to hot water.

stir stir stir...until dissolved.

heat milk

add condensed milk.

mix well.

add dates mixture.

mix well.

strain it..

add gelatine mixture..

combine well..

add sugar to a non-stick pan.


mix it..

turn on heat.. take off the spoon.

golden brown colour.. turn off the heat..

pour into moulds..

pour dates mixture..

cover it..

refrigerate for 4 to 5 hours..

gently press the sides to unmold.

Then place it on to a plate upside down.