Vegetable Samosa Recipe | Ramadan Recipe

Today I am sharing vegetable samosa with ready-made samosa sheets. It is very easy to prepare.
It is got many names sambusa or samoosa. Arabic it is known as sambusa, Burmese know it as Samosha and Iranians as sanbuse. Some places it is served with tamarind chutney and fresh green chutney and in some areas, samosa chaat is enjoyed which also has some chopped onions, sev, whipped curd along with tamarind chutney and green chutney. And in some parts ( mostly north ) it is served with Choley and served as Choley samosa which makes it a substantial meal. Also, if you go to coffee shops and movie theatre the samosa is served with tomato ketchup too...

I also did a youtube video for this recipe.

Ingredients used in this recipe are:

Oil- 2 Tablespoons.
Ginger and garlic - 2 Tablespoons, Crushed.
Green Chillies-2 Green chillies, finely chopped.
Curry leaves- 1 Sprig, Chopped.
Onion-1 large, Chopped.
Mixed veggies- 1/2 Cup, Chopped (Carrots, Green Peas, Beans, Corn)
Turmeric Powder -¼ Teaspoon.
Red chilli powder-½ Teaspoon.
Garam masala powder-½ Teaspoon.
Potatoes -2 Boiled, peeled and mashed.
Coriander leaves- few, chopped.
Maida-2 Tablespoons.
Water as needed.
Salt to taste.
Samosa sheets- 20 sheets or as needed.
Method of preparation:

Heat a pan with oil. Add crushed ginger garlic, green chillies, curry leaves. saute for few seconds.
Add chopped onion. Add salt to taste. Saute until onion becomes translucent.
Add vegetables of your choice. Saute until the veggies get cooked. 
Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and garam masala powder to this. Mix it well on low flame.
Add mashed potatoes and mix it well. Add few coriander leaves and salt if needed. Mix it well until fully combined.
The filling is now ready. Remove from heat. Allow cooling completely.
Mix two tablespoons of maida with little water and make a smooth paste. Keep it aside.
When filling is cold, fold the samosa sheets as shown in the picture or watch video.

Fill the prepared filling .

Fold it.

Apply maida paste.

Or follow the folding  method 2


and prepare all the samosa likewise.
Deep fry this prepared samosa in hot oil until golden brown in colour. When it is done remove from the oil to a kitchen tissue.

Enjoy hot and crispy samosa with chutney or ketchup.