Pasta in white sauce | Chicken white sauce pasta recipe

Hey, friends today I am sharing a pasta recipe, Pasta in white sauce.
Pizzas to kinds of pasta, Italian food is all about a variety of sauces & cheese. Just a bowl of chicken and veggies dipped in a creamy rich white sauce is so Yummy…

Pasta is popular among kids mostly. They just love the cheesy, creamy, chewy pasta and lick the plate clean. White sauce is also known as b├ęchamel sauce and is the basic sauce used in Italian and French cuisine. White sauce transforms the whole dish with its creamy texture and together with cheese, herbs, chicken, Mushrooms, and spices make the dish exceptionally appealing.
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Let us get started guys..
Ingredients for preparing this white sauce pasta are:
To marinate:
Chicken-250 gms, boneless chicken.
Ginger garlic paste- 1 teaspoon.
Black pepper powder-1/2 teaspoon.
Salt to taste.
To cook pasta:
Pasta-2 cups.
Water enough to cook pasta.
Salt to taste.
Oil- 1 tablespoon(Optional)
To make sauce:
Butter- 1 tablespoon.
All-purpose flour-1 Tablespoon.
Milk-2 Cups.
Salt to taste.
Oregano-1/2 teaspoon.
Mozarella cheese/cheddar cheese-3 tablespoon.
To saute chicken & veggies:
Oil-2 tablespoon.
Capsicum-1/4 Cup, sliced.
Veggies-1/4 Cup.
Red chilly flakes-1 Teaspoon.
Soy sauce-1 teaspoon.
Method of preparation:
  1. Marinate chicken with ginger garlic paste, salt, and black pepper powder. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  2. Boil water in a large pot and add salt to taste. Cook the pasta in the boiling water until done.
  3. Drain the water and pour cold water over it. This is to stop cooking pasta.
  4. Heat a pan with oil fry the marinated chicken and keep aside.
  5. In the same pan add capsicum & veggies and saute well.
  6. To this add red chili flakes and soy sauce. Mix the fried chicken with these veggies and keep aside.
  7. Heat a pan and add butter. When the butter is melted add a tablespoon of maida/ all-purpose flour.
  8. Roast for 1 minute on a low flame. Add milk and mix well. Mix continuously until the sauce thickens.
  9. Add salt and a teaspoon of oregano to this and mix well. At this time you can add cheese of your choice. Add mozzarella or cheddar cheese and mix well.
  10. Remove from the flame and add cooked pasta, sauteed veggies & chicken.
  11. Mix all together.
Serve immediately.. Enjoy