Cherupayar paripp payasam | Split moongdal Kheer | Paripp pradhaman

Cherupayar paripp payasam, a traditional Kerala dessert made with coconut milk and jaggery for Celebrations like Onam, Vishu in Kerala. It is also called as Cherupayar parippu payasam. It is made with split yellow moong dal which is called cherupayar in Malayalam.
he main ingredients of Cherupayar Parippu Payasam are Cherupayar Parippu (yellow moong dal-lentil), Sharkara (ശർക്കര) and Coconut milk. Cherupayar parippu is fried lightly in ghee and cooked in coconut milk with jaggery (ശർക്കര) and garnished with roasted coconut pieces, cashew nuts & raisins. Jaggery (ശർക്കര ) is used as the sweetener for this payasam, thus making it a healthy dessert!! Onam is just around the corner, and OnaSadya is incomplete without payasam. Do try this healthy payasam recipe for the Onam!!!

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Ingredients for making this yummy payasam are:

  1. Split moong dal /ചെറുപയർ പരിപ്പ് -250 gms.
  2. Jaggery (ശർക്കര )-400 gms(Or according to your sweetness)
  3. Coconut Milk-  Thin coconut milk-about 2 Cups.
  4.                          Thick coconut milk-1 1/2 Cups.( Milk of 2 coconuts)
  5. Ghee-1 + 1 Tablespoon.
  6. Coconut pieces-1/4 Cup.
  7. Cashew nuts-10-15 numbers.
  8. Raisins-15-20 numbers.
  9. Cardamom powder-1/8 Teaspoon.
  10. Dry ginger powder-1/4 Teaspoon.
  11. Cumin powder-1/8 teaspoon.
  12. Salt a pinch.
  13. Water as required.

Method of preparation:

  1. Melt the jaggery along with water over a medium-low flame and keep aside.
  2. Wash and drain split moong dal.
  3. Heat a large heavy-bottomed pan (in which we make payasam.)You can use uruli(Traditional vessel to make payasam)
  4. Add a tablespoon of ghee and add washed split moong dal. Roast the dal for few minutes or until it changes color and turns aromatic.
  5. Now add two cups of water to this and cook the dal until it completely cooked. You can use pressure cooker also.
  6. Once the dal cooked completely add thin coconut milk and let it boil for a few minutes.

  7. Then add jaggery syrup by filtering to remove if any impurities it has.
  8. Mix well and cook for few more minutes. Then add thick coconut milk and cook over a low flame. don't allow the thick coconut milk to boil. It may curdle. 
  9. Then add a pinch of salt, cardamom powder, dry ginger powder and cumin powder.
  10. Mix it well and Remove from heat.
  11. Heat a small pan and add ghee. Once the ghee is heated, add coconut pieces and fry until it turns a golden brown color.
  12. Remove from the pan and fry cashew nuts and raisins in the same pan.
  13. Add this all to the payasam and mix well. 
  14. Cherupayar paripp payasam/pradhaman is ready to serve.

Enjoy this creamy and delicious parippu pradhaman.
The payasam gets thicker with time so switch off accordingly. If the payasam is thick while serving, add little hot milk or hot water to thin it.