Carrot Dates Smoothie | Healthy Carrot smoothie

Carrot smoothie is a perfectly healthy option for breakfast or at any time. This is a creamy smoothie with fewer ingredients and with no added extra sugar. Carrots are mainly composed of water and carbs.
The carbs consist of starch and sugars, such as sucrose and glucose.
They are also a relatively good source of fiber, with one medium-sized carrot (61 grams) providing 2 grams. Carrots often rank low on the glycemic index (GI), which is a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar after a meal.
Dates are high in natural sugar, so many people think they may not be good for them. However, these sweet fruits are packed with plenty of nutrients, making them an excellent snack in moderation.
The health benefits of carrot and dates are a huge list to mention. This creamy smoothie helps to balance blood sugar and good digestion. Carrots are one of the first baby food and dates are healthy too. Hence it's a kid's special healthy treat as well as the adults.
 So let's get started

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Ingredients required in this recipe are : 
  1. Carrot- 1 large.
  2. Dates- 1 cup(seeds removed)
  3. Cardamom pods-2 (optional)
  4. Chilled Milk- 2 cups.
  5. Water-1/2 cups.

Method of preparation:
  1. Soak a cup of deseeded dates in water or milk for 20 minutes.
  2. Chop the carrot and cook them until soft.
  3. Transfer the cooked carrot, soaked dates into a blender jar. 
  4. Add cardamom for a flavor. you can add vanilla essence too.
  5. Blend them for few seconds well by adding 1/2 cup of chilled milk.
  6. Blend it again by adding the remaining milk. You can add ice cubes too if you want.
  7. Strain the carrot juice through a strainer and pour it into the serving glass.
  8. Garnish with some chopped nuts too. Enjoy this healthy and delicious smoothie..
Thank me later :)
Jesni Siraj