Watermelon Mojito | Non alcoholic Mojito

Mojito is a refreshing cocktail drink.  Mostly mojito is made with an alcoholic base. This is a healthy version but delicious trust me. The only ingredients we need in this healthy watermelon mojito cocktail drink are deseeded watermelon pieces, lemon, mint, sugar syrup, and carbonated drink. 
If you are using sweetened carbonated drink then we don't need sugar syrup.  Let us get started. 
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Ingredients we need in this recipe are:
  • Watermelon pieces- 2 tablespoons. 
  • Mint leaves-Few leaves.
  • Lemon juice-1 1/2 tablespoons.
  • Crushed ice cubes- as needed.
  • Carbonated drink-1/2 cup or as needed.
  • Watermelon pieces and mint leaves for garnishing.
Method of preparation :
  • Take a tall glass to add all the ingredients except soda and other ingredients for garnishing. Crush them using a muddler. Add carbonated drinks or plain soda.
  • Garnish with watermelon piece and mint leaves on top.
  • Enjoy immediately 🍉🤗