Cookies and Cream Frappuccino | Oreo frappuccino

A mix of cookies, milk, ice cream, and ice are blended to make a perfect icy creamy cookie texture then finished with a delicious Cookies & Cream topping. I am sure you will love it. Blending the chocolate, cookies, ice cream and ice cubes make heaven. So, Today I am here with another yummy treat. Yes, it is Starbucks style cookies and Cream Frappuccino. I have already shared the Mocha Frappuccino recipe.
Watch video recipe for this recipe is here :
Servs: 2 persons

Ingredients required in this recipe are:
  1. Oreo cookies- 3 -4  numbers
  2. Ice cubes- 7 to 9 numbers.
  3. Chocolate syrup- 3 tablespoons. + for garnishing.
  4. Vanilla ice cream- 4 scoops.
  5. Chilled Milk- 1 Cup.
  6. Sugar- To taste (if needed.)
  7. Whipped cream - for garnishing.
  8. Oreo Cookie crumbs - 2 cookies crushed.
Method of preparation :
  1. In a blender add oreo cookies(break into small pieces), ice cubes, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, chilled milk, and sugar if you are using. I don't add sugar because it is already sweet. 
  2. Blend this for 30 seconds. 
  3. Drizzle chocolate syrup down at the sides of the tall glass. Pour the oreo frappuccino into glass and top with whipped cream and cookie crumbs.
Enjoy immediately  :)